cropped-logo2.pngMission Statement

AllSports Select’s mission is to assist students, whom interests are sports related, with the development of a individual profile, knowledge of the recruiting process and referrals to institutions of higher learning for scholarship consideration.

Our company’s directive is to connect student athletes with college communities nationally and abroad. We focus on the importance of education and athletic skill development, while building partnership’s with student athletes, parents and institutions. Our unique abilities and knowledge in advance proprietary technologies, equip the company to present relevant research and data to particular parties of interest, obtained from individuals and institutions.

Included in our mission is the element to address the moral needs of the student athletes in preparation to become future leaders of society. Our total goal is to offer sports marketing, leadership development, mentoring and physical training.

AllSports Select, require high moral and professional standards from the company staff, which will transpire to our youth, parents and the institutions of higher learning that we engage with. We are also taking the necessary steps to share information about and reduce childhood obesity. Please  join us and pass our information along!!


Game pictures, videos, news and statistics can be posted to our site to allow recruiters and institutions to follow you without breaking any NCAA guidelines.

Our goals are to highlight as many kids, teams and sports as possible. AllSports Select program is designed to establish recognition for today’s athletes.